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If you order before 15:00 you will generally have it the next day. Your order will be delivered the same day. Around holidays and busy periods it may happen that the mail arrives later you can take into account a period of 1-3 working days.

“One bottle of 10ml contains approximately 200 drops. If you take 3 drops in the morning, afternoon and evening you take a total of 9 drops and you divide this by 200 drops. This brings you to about 22 days.

Research among our users has shown that more than 80% use a 10ml bottle for a month or more.

We can well understand that it’s a confusing situation when it comes to weed oil and cbd-oil. Luckily, the difference is easy to explain.

CBD oil = comes from industrial hemp and contains less of 0.05 Delta 9 (THC) and is therefore permitted in the Netherlands.

Weed oil = Delta 9 (THC) oil and originating = illegal in the Netherlands.
On you can only order the legal CBD oil. We would like to tell you more about the differences between the substances CBD and THC.

The difference between CBD and THC
CBD and THC are two substances from the cannabis plant that differ a lot from each other. Where THC causes the high feeling, CBD does not. For this reason, products with THC are illegal in the Netherlands and products with CBD are legal.

THC is a psychoactive substance that is not allowed in the Netherlands and in most other countries. With psychoactive we want to say that it influences the brain function by acting on the central nervous system.

In principle, the products we sell do not contain gluten. CBD oil consists only of hemp extract and hemp seed or MCT oil.

When one has a gluten allergy, it can also be important that no other products containing gluten are produced in the same area at the place of production. Our products are produced under HACCP standards and are not processed in a room where it is possible to come into contact with gluten.

Questions about the ordering process

You can pay easily and securely via our payment system. You have the choice between iDeal, bank cash, SEPA transfer (order will not be shipped until the payment has been confirmed), Type of banking, EPS, Giropay, KBC/CBC payment button, Belfius, ING home’pay, Przelewy24, etc.

You can return your products within 14 days via our return portal.

Questions about the use of CBD

CBD intended for the end consumer must not contain more than 0.05% Delta-9 (THC).

CBD is the abbreviation of cannabidiol” this substance comes from the industrial hemp plant. And contains about 113 other substances.

CBD could also be seen as the counterpart of Delta 9 (THC).

The human body also produces its own cannabinoid, the so-called endocannabinoid system. This system is involved in a number of physical processes such as regulating your sleep, metabolism, appetite and energy balance.

Endocannabinoids also play an important role in the psychological processes within the human body.

But the best way is to drip it under the tongue.

We recommend keeping the drops under the tongue for about 60 seconds the longer the better. If the drops are ingested in this way, they will almost immediately be absorbed by the body and end up in the bloodstream. As a result of which it can quickly make its way through your body.

If you swallow the CBD will first have to work its way through the digestive system. Here the CBD has to deal with bile and acid. After the CBD has gone through this route it is broken down by the liver and then it ends up in the bloodstream at its destination.

The conclusion

CBD dripping under the tongue is much more powerful than taking CBD alone. The CBD is absorbed faster, so you will also experience effect faster.

CBD-olie kun je het best bewaren in een koele en droge omgeving. En niet bloot stellen aan licht.

Houdt het liefst uw flesje in de verpakking ( het omdoosje ) om zo het flesje tegen mogelijke lichtstralen te beschermen.

Is CBD geschikt voor dieren?

Yes, CBD is certainly suitable for the elderly.

No, CBD does not affect your ability to drive.

Every country has different laws and regulations regarding CBD products. We recommend that you always check to see if your country’s customs will let you through.